Wednesday, January 31, 2007

Works for Me Wednesday

I have to admit that I got this idea from Flylady, but once I found that it really works for me, I've adopted it as my own!

I have a large selection of washcloths (mostly white and simple) in one of my bathroom drawers. When I take a shower, I grab a clean one and bring it in with me. After I wash my face with it in the shower, I then use the washcloth to "swish and swipe" my bathtub and the tile around it. I don't obsess about it, but I just wipe down an area or two, paying special attention to the areas where my tub USED to get dirty first. Now, it never seems to get dirty at all!

If I'm not taking a shower and just washing my face at the sink, I do the same thing -- wash my face with the washcloth and then quickly use the wet cloth to clean around the sink, mirror, wall, toilet or shelving unit. It takes all of 15 seconds and keeps my bathroom looking great!

When I leave the bathroom, I just drop the washcloth in the hamper I keep just outside the bathroom door. Done!

It works for me!!!


Doris said...

GREAT tip. Thanks

Kelley said...

love that idea. thanks!

Ribbon Rock Star said...

Great tip!


Trace said...

I read about that one, but the way you described it made it sound so simple. Maybe I won't bypass that FL suggestion.

Nikki said...

Okay, I'm a flybaby. How did I miss this one? That is an awesome idea. It never occurred to me to use the same washcloth. I absolutely love this idea!

Anonymous said...

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