Friday, January 12, 2007

Five on Friday - Playtime!

Here's my response to the Five on Friday meme of the week. I found it here. I admit that I haven't learned how to work the memes quite right yet, so this isn't as well-done as I'd like, but I'll get a little better next week, okay???

1. As a child, what was your favorite toy?

Definitely books! Yes, I had toys and yes, I played with them, but a mere toy could NEVER compete with a book!

2. Were you more likely to play by yourself or with other children?

Definitely by myself! For the first four years of my life, I lived with my parents, grandmother and younger brother in an apartment where there weren't any other kids around. All my cousins were down south and my parents didn't have many friends with kids our age. Once we moved to our house when I was four, I discovered that although there were many kids on our street, I didn't like them! As I got older, the feelings only intensified. Phrases like "bully" and "anti-semites" and "juvenile delinquents" and "distant alcoholic parents" come to mind when I think about the other kids on my block! Once I got to school, I guess I had developed a habit of playing by myself. As I grew up, I developed friendships but never had a problem playing by myself!

3. What was your favorite children's game?

Board games & such - Monopoly, Life, Battleship, etc...

4. What kind of play were you most interested in?

Once again - reading or games I could do by myself.

5. How well did you share?

Actually, I share pretty well! I've been very fortunate in life, so I feel joy in sharing!


Shari said...

Abbe, you are so far achieving the remotest of possibilities - writing an interesting blog. It could be tough to keep up at this level, so pace yourself. Shari

Perky said...

Awww, thanks, Shari! I'm trying!