Wednesday, January 3, 2007

Two days down..... 363 to go!!!!

I'm happy to report that this year is off to a very good start. Well, yes, I know that I've only survived two measly days, but those two measly days have gone pretty well!

I've eaten fairly healthy meals with my family, enjoyed their company, kept up with the household tasks, communicated with friends and made plans for the future. The big red boy (our Golden Retriever, aka "Best Dog in the World") has been walked and exercised. I did a yoga tape before bed on Monday. I've even taken my vitamins each of the three mornings. I don't know why I usually fight doing that, but I do. So, all in all, not too bad of a start.

Yesterday, HandsomeBoy got a special treat at school because he answered all four of the questions correctly during his listening exercise. I'm so proud of him! Of course, I know he's smart, but it's always nice to hear that your child is listening, cooperating, paying attention and/or trying his hardest! He's been doing so well in Kindergarten! I still think that he could have done it last year, but I'm actually very glad that he was on the other side of the age line and HAD to wait until this year to start. In the long run, I think it's going to benefit him. He's the tallest and the second-oldest kid in his class, so he really feels like he's a big boy. Considering he just started learning English two years ago, I'm very comfortable with how he's doing in school!

CutiePie (aka "Goofball"), on the other hand, did NOT have such a good day in school yesterday. He got in trouble a few times because he was teasing his friends, not paying attention and talking about guns and violence. Sigh. He just does it to push people's buttons. He's so good at pushing buttons! He knows that his Pre-K teacher has a zero tolerance policy on violent talk, so when he's in her class, he talks about shooting people and chopping off heads. I don't want to scare anyone here..... when he does this, it's not like he's serious. He says it all in a very comical, silly way that makes it quite clear that he's just trying to push your buttons! So, we had a long talk last night and this morning about proper behavior in school. We'll see if it worked when I pick him up tonight!

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The Trace said...

It looks like your off to a good start in 2007 (you know my love for yoga). Good job w/the eating and vitamins too!

Hopefully your talk w/cutiepie made a dent and you don't hear bad news when he gets home from school.