Thursday, January 11, 2007

A long time ago when I was older..........

Since I met the boys about two and a quarter years ago, I've been telling myself that I really should be writing down the things they say! At first, CutiePie didn't talk much, but he implied funny things if you know what I mean. HandsomeBoy on the other hand, was funny even in Russian. He made very funny jokes that even with our rudimentary Russian we found funny! Since he learned English, he's constantly wowed us with the things he says. Of course, I HAVEN'T been keeping track of those funny things. Until now! One of the things I'd like to do with this blog is have it be the place where I record all those little things I don't want to forget. So, you'll have to bear with me occasionally while I delve into the exploits of my kids.

Anyway, CutiePie tends to say things that aren't exactly "cute" but that are very memorable and surprising. He also has a very low-brow sense of humor. For a four-year old boy, that usually manifests as potty humor and CutiePie is a master of potty humor! However, sometimes, he'll surprise us and start telling his Stories. I capitalize it because he can spin a tale better than a professional storyteller! However, lately, he's been telling people versions of a Story that is starting to make me ...... nervous.

If you've read The Time Travellers Wife by Audrey Niffenegger, you'll understand why these Stories are so unnerving!

For the past few weeks, CutiePie has been starting his stories with the phrase, "A long time ago when I was older....." and then goes into a long, very detailed story about different jobs he's worked, schools he went to, people he knew, things he learned, etc... The very idea of such a Story coming out of someone so young is unusualy, but it's the level of detail that makes it so crazy!!! He's been telling people that he was a cowboy, a rodeo rider (but the clown saved him from the bull!), a pirate, an astronaut (but that job scared him) and that he's been to Mexico. He'll even tell you how old he was when he did each thing and he says it earnestly and seriously!

However, the strangest Story of all was this morning, when he told me the following Story:
"Mommy, a long time ago when I was older, I had a daughter. Her name was Karen. We used to ride our motorcycles together. We would go "vroom vroom" together and ride all over town with each other."
"That's nice, CutiePie. Is your daughter Karin nice? Do you like being a daddy?"
"No, she's dead now."

And then he went on with eating his breakfast. Now, I ask you ---- what kind of a 4 year old tells a story like that? He doesn't even KNOW anyone named Karen!!! I do, but he doesn't!

I can't wait to hear the next Story about something he used to do when he was older.

On a somewhat lighter note, when I asked HandsomeBoy what was the best part of his day today, he replied "Seeing you, Mommy"!!!! It just doesn't get any better than that, does it?????


M-j said...

Handsome boy would be wise to keep that one in his pocket until he is older. I bet he could get tons of leverage when he is a teen by telling you that!

Jennifer said...

Cutiepie may not know Karin but with her recent issues I am sure he has probably heard you mention her name.

Of course, he could just be an old soul.

The Trace said...

I guess children say the most unnerving things. As a parent, how do you know how to respond? It sounds like cutiepie is a bright inquisitive little guy. Watch out Mommy.

Shari said...

Sounds like a great children's book, perhaps "Chicken Soup for the Parent's Soul" or "A Cup of Comfort" article. My mother in law firmly believes in past lives and has had past life regression. She thinks she saw Seth's father at our wedding over our Chuppah, and has had visits from many other relatives. If she heard your sons stories, she would not be laughing. She would be taking them very seriously and trying to let him know that someone believes him and is not simply entertained! My reaction would be more like yours.