Thursday, January 25, 2007

Thursday 13 - 13 Jobs I've had

* Office worker for my dad's medical equipment rental company. Mainly filing, typing and phone work.

* Receptionist for an insurance agency. This was a temporary afterschool job when I was a sophomore or junior in high school. I actually operated a switchboard! I was the ringy-dingy lady!!!

* Office worker for my dad's party rental company. Also started doing some warehouse work such as washing dishes and laundering tablecloths. It got so busy at one point that some of my friends from high school and I worked the overnight shift! Same dad, different company.

* Driver, then later Supervisor, for a sandwich shop at college. Picture the result if Subway mated with Domino's Pizza!

* Sales Rep for my dad's party rental company. Same dad and same company! But, while I'd been in college, the company had gotten HUGE! It was like walking into a completely new company that happened to have a few familiar faces.

* Speaking of Domino's Pizza, Driver for Domino's Pizza. Hey - it was easy money and I got to drive around a really beautiful area, collecting tips from rich people who were too lazy to cook their kids a real dinner and got to listen to public radio all day!

* Office manager for state office of NARAL. Pretty much just answered phones, deposited donations and sent packets of information.

* Bet you can't guess where I went next???? That's right! Back to my dad to work for his new party linen rental company as a driver!

* Big change this time -- law clerk at a personal injury firm. Great job! Set my own hours, had my own office, easy work and great pay! Loved this job, but I graduated from Law School and had to get a "real" law job.

* Law Clerk on a state Appellate Court. This job looked great on paper and on a resume, but was hell on earth! Hated every second of it for the two-year duration. I still can't believe I made it the whole two years. The only good thing was meeting Princess D, who became one of my best friends!

* Lawyer specializing in Commercial Real Estate Development and Zoning, which essentially means that I "paved paradise and put up Wal*Marts"!!! Stop laughing! It's true! I really did this!

* I know you're going to be shocked now --- RAN BACK TO DADDY! Since 1999, I've been doing a variety of jobs at the party linen rental place including, driver, office staff, office manager, and project manager.


M-j said...

And I thought I had tons of jobs!!!

Trace said...

What type of company does your dad own now? I know you said that you work for his company.