Wednesday, January 24, 2007

Catching up with myself

I figured I better catch up with what's been going on before too much more time goes by! I'll start back about 10 days ago and bring my story up to date. Don't expect anything too exciting, though! LOL!

On Friday the 12th, we went to dinner at P.F. Chang's with Trace and Sweetness. We had a great time! Even though RockStar and Sweetness work at the same company, it's such a big campus that they've never met each other before (although they do seem to know a lot of people in common!). We enjoyed a dee-lish meal and had a great time talking about everything, but especially about our respective adoption journeys. I have no doubt that they will be chosen by a birthmother, adopt a wonderful little baby and have the happy household that they dream about! While we were at dinner, HandsomeBoy and CutiePie were at Parents Night Out at their daycare, enjoying movies, pizza and games with their friends!

The following day, we decided at the last minute to go to a Farm Show about 90 minutes away. I knew that it was the last day, but had no idea that they'd already be closing up when we got there! What's with that? If you say you're open until 6 on Saturday, then you should be OPEN until then! We got to go in and walk around, but all of the tractors and most of the animals were already gone! Many of the vendors were still there, so we did have fun sampling all the various jellys, jams, mustards, dips, candy samples, etc.... We even treated the boys to ice cream cones to offset some of their disappointment. This was our third annual trip to this Farm Show and now I'll know to NEVER go on the last day again!

On Sunday, HandsomeBoy and I took a bus to New York City - the Big Apple - to visit our cousin who lives and teaches in Manhattan! I was pretty sure HandsomeBoy could handle the trip and I wasn't disappointed! He loved it! When we first started walking around NYC, he was a little overwhelmed by the size of the buildings, the number of people, the volume of the noise and everything else that makes NYC what it is, but he got over it pretty quickly! His favorite things were shopping at FAO Schwartz (where he danced on the piano from the movie "Big") and learning to ice skate at Rockefeller Plaza!!! My cousin took him skating and was surprised at how quickly he caught on! In fact, he started doing SPINS (freakin' SPINS!!!!!) on his 4th lap around the rink!!! That's just not right! This kid is shaping up to be an Olympian!

I have to say that as much as I enjoyed travelling with HandsomeBoy, I also really enjoyed spending time with my cousin. Even though we grew up near each other and are only about 7 years apart in age (I'm older), we never knew each other very well. I've been so pleased to see her overcome a crazy childhood and family and grow into an accomplished, sophisticated, fun young woman! She recently moved in with her boyfriend and I got to meet him last weekend. I'm also thrilled to say that I really like him and wish them all the best! I'll hope there's a chuppah in their future!

Anyway, back to the trip -- on Monday morning, we went to the American Museum of Natural History in Manhattan. What an incredible museum! I know that the critics gave "Night at the Museum" very poor reviews, but I wish we'd seen it because HandsomeBoy would have even more excited about the museum then! As it was, we saw A LOT in a pretty short amount of time! His favorite, of course, was the T Rex skeleton and the giant whale. Personally, I didn't know which way to look -- there was just too much to see! We'll definitely have to go back!

The rest of the week was pretty typical - work, school, cleaning, cooking, laundry, etc.... The only hiccup was that CutiePie woke up on Wednesday morning with an earache, which can mean only one thing for him --- another ear infection! So, I bundled him up and took him to the pediatrician. The bad news was that he did have an infection and it looked pretty yucky. The good news was that his tubes were still in place! YAY! The last big infection blew both tubes out of place and perforated one of his ear drums!

This past weekend was fun, too. On Friday night, one of my best friends came to town and spent the night with us! "Zigana" and I met 16 years ago when we were both represented our local NOW chapters at the state Board level. It was trouble at first sight! I tend to make friends slowly, so it's notable that Zigana and I hit it off instantly. The first day, we sat across the room from each other, but were constantly building onto what the other one had said. That night, we had dinner together and a forever friendship was forged! The second day of the meeting, we sat next to each other and had such a rollicking good time that the Board actually threatened to pass a resolution forbidding us to sit together ever again! Anyway, we didn't do anything wild and/or crazy this time, but it was great to see each other again! She had Shabbat dinner with us and then stayed over for a "sleepover", as HandsomeBoy called it! Sometimes, just being with friends is exactly what is needed! Maybe next time we'll go out and raise some hell!

On Saturday, RockStar had to work, so the boys and I ran some errands (veterinarian, farmers market, etc...). They really wanted to play at a playground, but the weather just wasn't good enough, so we went to a nearby IKEA, which has an incredible indoor activity center/playland for kids, in addition to having cool furniture and a yummy cafeteria! So, I checked the boys into to the playland and headed to the cafeteria to enjoy a yummy cup of coffee while doing some paperwork. An hour later, I picked the boys up and we headed off to a Burger King that also has a giant Habitrail-like indoor playland where the boys could keep playing while I finished my paperwork.

Sunday morning, for the first time in nearly two years of Sunday School, we OVERSLEPT!!! I can't believe it! That never happens! The whole house -- 2 adults, 2 kids, 1 dog, 2 cats and 2 fish -- all of us, snoozed away! Then, off to birthday party and then to a model train club open house. Whew! What a weekend!

This week has been pretty typical -- work, clean, cook, sleep, school, etc....

So, there you have it! If you were actually wondering what I've been up to, now you know. If, however, like most of you, you really didn't care, now you also know!


Lillian said...

Totally cool. I am viewing your blog for the first time. Very impressive.
I haven't really been to the blogspot website since last year when two of my friends had a huge drama on here. One starting having an affair with the other one's husband, and then documenting it (pictures too!) on her blog. So the other one eventually saw it (duh) and used it in a very nasty divorce.
Wow, was that TMI?

Anyway, looks like you put alot into your blog, so congratulations!
And love and hugs from your family in Virginia!

Trace said...

Look at you go! You went from no entries to 3 in one day! We just recently went to Ikea and I was reminded of how great it is. We had so much fun wandering around and getting ideas for our house (that is still undecorated).

Aw shucks, Perky, you said so many nice things about me and Sweetness. Thanks we had fun too!