Wednesday, January 31, 2007

Sick Day

Poor HandsomeBoy. He started coughing just as he was going to sleep last night and I should have known what that meant. Every time he starts to cough, it goes right to his lungs. So, we did a nebulizer treatment around 3am and he's home sick today. I do have to go a few places this morning, so we're having a nice slow morning; then, we'll take CutiePie to school and HandsomeBoy and I will run our errands. He's not so sick that he has to stay in bed, but he's sick enough that I don't want him to go to school. For one thing, he'd just run around and get sicker, and also he sounds bad enough that the teachers would worry that he's going to infect other kids. I don't think he would, mainly because his coughing is just an asthmatic or RAD reaction to a minor cold, but still.....

So, I guess I have to reevaluate my plans for the day. Maybe I can get a couple good hours of organizing and planning out of this. HandsomeBoy will be thrilled to hang out in front of the TV or play with some of the games at home he doesn't get much of a chance to play with.

Off I go!!!

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