Thursday, January 4, 2007

Where the heck did winter go?

Okay, it's January, right???? We should all be doing what HandsomeBoy is doing in the photo -- making snow angels and eating as much of the white stuff as we can before our tongues freeze to the roofs our mouths!!! Instead, what are we going to be doing for the next few days???? Wearing shorts, playing frisbee, gardening, SWEATING......!!!! I know I'm starting to sound like Snow Miser here, but this is ridiculous!
Don't get me wrong -- I love warm weather! There's really no such thing as "too hot" for me, but NOT IN JANUARY!!! It's January!!! I want my snow! I want my sleet! I want my frigid icy winds blowing through leafless trees! I want icy sidewalks and frosted windshields and visible puffs of breath and mittens!!! I want mittens!
It's going to be almost 70 degrees here this weekend! And the temperature isn't forecast to go below 40 for at least another week! That's just not right!
I guess I better go unpack a pair of shorts or two!


The Trace said...

I know, I'm ready for it to be cold too. I do like this weather since it's great for walking the dog and hiking, but not so great because we're waiting until the ground is frozen to have a tree removed. I know, it' just a tree, but we have wanted it removed since we moved into the house last April.

WOOHOO, you put a picture in your post and he looks like he having such a great time. That's one of the things that I'm looking forward to, for children everything is NEW and EXCITING!! There is a way to put a UTube video clip too, but I'm not sure how. I guess you would save the clip and when you go to picture insert point you select whatever kindn of file the clip is. BUT, I've never done it, M-J has though.

M-j said...

I have to agree with you there. I want cold, I want to ski. And I want my $*&)(% bulbs to stop growing! ACK! At least I can plant the ones I forgot to plant a few weeks ago!
As for the links, you type the word you want to link, click on the little button with the picture of a globe with a link, put the address in the box and VOILA!
I can show you in real life if I need to.

M-j said...
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M-j said...

Shoot, delete that last one. I forgot to type perky!