Monday, January 29, 2007

Weekend Update

Wow - how can it possibly be Monday already???

This was a very nice weekend! On Friday evening, I dropped the boys off at my parents' house and RockStar and I went out with two other couples. He knows the guys (and one of their wives) from work. The six of us have been good friends for a decade now, although it hardly seems like it's been that long! We always have a great time together and this was no exception. Poor RockStar -- no matter how many things we discuss, the conversation always turns to his backwoods exploits as a kid growing up in a very rural part of our state! The rest of us all grew up in the city or suburbs, so Rockstar's tales seem like complete fabrications to us! Do people actually live that way?

On Saturday, I got up early and cleaned up a lot of the house before my parents brought the boys over. As much as I enjoyed the quiet and clean(er) house, I do miss them when they're not underfoot and causing trouble! That afternoon, I took a nap (ahhhhhhhhh.......) while Rockstar took HandsomeBoy and CutiePie to the park to play. I hadn't even realized how much I'd needed the nap until I woke up! Then, we made dinner and watched Pirates of the Carribean (again) all together while eating popcorn on the family room floor.

Sunday morning saw us all up early because HandsomeBoys' Sunday School class had a family education program that RockStar and I were supposed to attend with HandsomeBoy. Becuase I'm one of the room moms, I had to be there early, so we were all up, dressed and fed before 8am! Ugh! The program was nice and HandsomeBoy enjoyed coloring a pillow case with the Shema painted onto it. That afternoon, the boys had a playdate with a 7yo boy who was adopted from the Ukraine at age 4, much like HandsomeBoy. However, this other boy did not have a smooth transition like HandsomeBoy did. The boys had a good time playing together, but we could see drastic differences between our boys and the other boy. His mom is doing everything she can to find the proper treatments, medicines and behavioral routines to help him along and she seems to be doing a great job. After he left, RockStar and I looked at each other and then at our boys and once again, were so thankful that they are as healthy and happy and well-adjusted as they are. We were prepared for it to be so much harder, as it often is with International Adoption, especially of older children. We were very fortunate to have a fairly smooth transition to family life. Not to say that it was easy, because it wasn't. It was just a smooth uphill curve to where we are now.

We capped off the weekend with a yummy dinner, reading a chapter of Harry Potter & the Sorcerer's Stone outloud and then bedtime. After the boys went to sleep, RockStar and I watched the new special by Lisa Lampenelli, which was piss-your-pants funny. She really is the Queen of Mean, but her meanness is evenly targeted at everyone, including herself, which softens the blow a bit! She's not for the faint of heart or the ultra-politically correct, but she is a lot of fun!


Lillian said...

I responded to your email via myspace- just so you know, since you rarely check it :)
Feel free to link to my blog, the more the merrier!

Trace said...

Be glad that Rock Star just ends up talking about his childhood. When we go out with a group of Sweetnesses coworkers they almost ALWAYS end up talkin about work, YUCKO, or sports, double yukko!