Thursday, March 1, 2007

Thirteen Things I MUST Do Today!

Thirteen things I MUST do today

1. Return videos to library
2. Make dinner
3. Walk dog (and self, for that matter)
4. Create flyer for CSA program this summer
5. Write thank you notes for CutiePie's birthday gifts
6. Pay bills
7. Buy ingredients and container for "dirt cake" which I'm going to make for the Purim carnival on Sunday. Also buy incredients for Hamentashen.
8. Find and print recipe for Hamentashen.
9. Upload new photos to Kodak Gallery
10. Straighten up the house
11. Finish, fold and put away laundry
12. Do FlyLady's mission of the day
13. Go to sleep by 10pm.

Not a very interesting post, I admit, but I think that by posting it here, I'm more likely to actually accomplish all these things today! Okay, here goes..........!

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