Friday, March 2, 2007

Five on Friday

I haven't done this in a while, so I'll start back up now. Here's my Five on Friday, which can be found here. I'm not really a dessert kind a person ( I much prefer appetizers to desserts), but in honor of it being Purim this weekend and a game called "Queen Esther's Cake Walk" commonly being played during Purim carnivals in synagogues all over on Purim, I'll try to tackle these questions!

Cake Walk
1. At your next birthday celebration you can have any flavor, shape, size, and style of cake you want. What do you choose? (bonus: post a photo or link to a photo of your ideal birthday cake)
As I said, I'm not really a dessert kind of person and cake is actually my least favorite of all desserts. If I had to choose a "cake", however, I'd probably pick cheesecake (the thick-as-a-brick kind, not light-and-fluffy kind) or a pie.

2. For friends and loved ones: do you buy a birthday cake or bake one for them?
Occasionally, I will make a cake, but I usually just buy it. I love to cook, but I'm not as into baking. Of course, I do make a really great Dirt Cake! I don't have any photos of it at hand, but here's a link to a dessert contest I won with Dirt Cake at Chaotic Mom's site last year. You can see a really great photo of a really great Dirt Cake I made and read a very funny story about it, too!

3. Do you prefer sumptuous flavor or incredible decorations?
Flavor, Baby!!!! Looking good is nice, but it's what's inside that really counts! Isn't it amazing how food mirrors life?

4. What interesting cake, frosting, and filling combination would you most love to try?
Hmmmmm.... really don't have much of an opinion here. Sorry.

5. Tell us about a school subject or hobby that is a "cake walk" for you.
Up until High School, all subjects in school were a cake walk! Then, I guess I stopped paying attention and had to work harder to do well. Today, I'd have to say that the areas of my life that I'd consider a "cake walk" would be cooking, finding fun activities for my family, winning online sweepstakes, learning new languages with the Pimsleur system! It's not much, but that's the way it is!!! Have a great weekend, everyone!

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