Friday, March 2, 2007

Our evening so far......

Wow. What a day! I'm so glad I'll be asleep by 9pm. I'm exhausted!

After working all day and hearing about CutiePie's trouble at his morning school, I arrived at the daycare to pickup both boys and was oh so thrilled to hear that HandsomeBoy had a "rough day" and also just in time to witness CutiePie playing very roughly with the very same boy that HandsomeBoy hit last night!!!

So, we came home and had a long talk about violence, fighting, playing, and how to treat friends and other people we love. I told there there would be no TV tonight, only nice playing together. They were fine with that and I went into the kitchen to start making dinner. Since Friday night is the beginning of Shabbat, I try to have a nice family dinner each week. As I made the Ginger Lime Chicken, Green Beans & Spaetzel and Cheddar Garlic Mashed Potatoes, I noticed that the boys were laughing a little too loudly in the family room. When I went in to check on them, I could instantly see that they had stripped down to their boxer shorts and each had one of the Thing Hands and were "playfully" pummeling each other! Sigh.

Anyway, RockStar ended up caught in traffic and came home almost 90 minutes late, which always drives me crazy! At least he was safe! When we finally got ready for dinner and all sat at the table, RockStar decided that it was time to tell the boys that their great-grandfather had died last week. We really weren't sure how they were going to react. HandsomeBoy, by far the more sensitive of the two, decided that he wanted to say a prayer and started in on this beautiful little speech about how much he loved his great-grandfather and how he hopes that he's okay now and how he hopes his grandmother (GGF's daughter) is okay and that he wants his grandmother to take him to the cemetery to see GGF the next time we travel out that way. It was so touching and sincere and honest. What a great kid! It really balanced out the hitting and fighting of the past two days.

Then we lit our Shabbat candles, said the prayers over the wine and challah and I started to dish out dinner. It wasn't until that very moment that I remembered that we're in Lent and my dear Catholic RockStar wouldn't be able to eat the yummy chicken dish I'd prepared. I felt soooooo bad! He was okay; in fact, he usually forgets at least once during Lent. I try to hard to remember and I usually do. Tonight, however, it was the last thing on my mind. Note to self: find veggie Shabbat menus for the next month!

Anyway, the boys are in bed and quieting down already. I'm heading up that way myself right now. We've got a very busy weekend ahead of us and I really need a good night's sleep!


Trace said...

Have a great weekend perky!!

Nancy the Romancechick said...

What a cool post, and what a great wife you are for worrying about hubby at Lent. DD17 goes to a Catholic school and has friends that insist on bringing ham sandwiches for lunch on Fridays in Lent! It drives her crazy. I'm sorry about the boys' great-grandfather but that was a lovely prayer. The Boy often surprises us by praying for each of us in our nightly prayers in a way that shows that he's really been listening. You've got good kids there, my friend.

Esther said...

Hey, thanks for leaving a comment on my blog ;o) I thought I'd come over & check yours out. Neat blog. Food, adoption, FLYLady, family, religion, great "favorites list"....what's not to love?

I'll be dropping in alot ;o)

M-j said...

Can you do fish on Fridays or does that conflict with Shabbat? Just curious.

MMrussianadoption said...

Just keep talking to them about the hitting. Parental conversations never stick the first time.