Monday, March 26, 2007

Sick? Tired? Or Sick AND Tired?

The last two weeks have been exhausting. Not because I've accomplished (or even attempted) anything monumental, but just because of illness. Not even any great, monumental, staggering illness, either. Just normal, boring, plain old "don't feel good" illness. I've been struggling with being under the weather. I haven't been flat out sick, I just haven't felt good -- nausea, chills, aches, blahs. And, no -- I definitely NOT pregnant!

Just as I started to feel better, HandsomeBoy got sick. It started on Saturday with a light cough and sniffles. By Sunday morning, it was full croup. Ugh! So, since 6am yesterday, I've been doing my best Florence Nightengale impersonation, giving nebulizer treatments, cough medicines, acetaminophen and pushing fluids on a coughy, hot, sluggish child. He's feeling somewhat better at this moment as he floats around the computer, knocking into me and trying to write me notes on a Post-It despite the fact that he really can't spell yet. RockStar had to work ALL WEEKEND (read: until 10pm Saturday and 11pm Sunday), so other than sitting with HandsomeBoy while I took CutiePie to Sunday School and did "door duty" (i.e. ersatz security) during the early session of Sunday School, I've been pretty much on my own for the weekend and today. Well, RockStar did take CutiePie to school this morning, which helped a lot.

Anyway, I shouldn't complain. RockStar was working hard at a job he loves and that pays him well for his time and HandsomeBoy is not seriously ill and I did get a lot done around the house while I've been confined here. In fact, since I was up at 6am this morning to help get CutiePie ready for school, after RockStar left, I decided NOT to go back to bed. Instead, I did my best FlyLady act and did my morning routine and my Weekly Home Blessing (i.e., straighten the place up!). It is looking better in here. Even small changes help.

One of the things I did was to finally take all the DVDs and videos out of our wall unit (where they don't fit well and some have to go in front of others, so you can't even see them all) and put them into a simple little DVD/Video shelf thing that is MADE FOR THAT TASK and has been sitting next to the wall unit for about two years with nothing in it except random junk and toys. Why I waited so long to do something that took me no more than 10 minutes is a mystery! The wall unit looks SOOOOOOO much better! Now, I'll be able to put some of the bulky stuff like the boys' V-tech Smile, Leapster console and their LeapPads and cartridges in the wall unit, where they really belong. That will be a project for this afternoon!

So much to do today on my day home! Let's see how much I can accomplish, shall we???? Wish me luck!

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SO, did you get anythign else done?