Wednesday, March 28, 2007

Sick Duty continues

Sigh. HandsomeBoy is STILL sick! Half of his kindergarten class has the same thing, but some of them are already starting to return to school. There's no way he can go back today and I'm not so sure about tomorrow, either. We're going to the doctor today. I try not to rush to the ped everytime one of the boys gets sick, but four days of a fever is enough to send me there!

In other news, I had another busy day yesterday. In addition to all the normal house duties and taking care of HandsomeBoy, I attended an old friend's new son's bris. All through the ceremony, I kept thinking back to my boys' Naming Ceremony which was nearly two years ago. A few times, I found tears in my eyes. Of course, because they were not newborns, my sons' brises were performed at CHOP and not in our living room!

I was able to attend the bris because RockStar got out early and relieved me from taking care of HandsomeBoy. Yay RockStar! I really wanted to attend the bris! After the bris, I picked up a friend and we went to see Hairspray, which has become one of my top few musicals EVER! This was my second time seeing it and I enjoyed it just as much as the first time! The original John Waters movie Hairspray is also very good, but more twisted than the stage musical. The new version is very uplifting and energizing. How can you not love the main characters of Tracy, Penny, Link and Seaweed?

On the plate for today - finish the outline for the event I'm hosting at my synagogue tonight, cook a few dishes for that event, take care of HandsomeBoy, transfer CutiePie from the synagogue school to the daycare, attack the hotspot of papers on my desk, mop the kitchen floor, make some phone calls, create a shopping list for Passover and the four (4!!!!!!) seders I'm attending this year and find someone to sit with HandsomeBoy here at home while I attend the event at the synagogue. Yep. That's all. Just that. Shouldn't be hard. <<<>>> Okay, let's go!

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pkzcass said...

Wow! You are one busy gal! My boys have had those mysterious illnesses before. Sometimes the fever would last for 5 days! Very frustrating.

You're holding up well considering. I can't believe you do as much as you do (brises, plays, seders, work, synagogue); I'd never be able to handle it.

You inspire me. BUT, I'm not going to do any more than I already do. Make sure you don't overdo and burn out.