Friday, March 23, 2007

So very wrong......

I just saw this over at Shallow and Tacky and I'm trying not to laugh too hard since I'm at work. It's all just sooooooooo wrong!!!!!! Take a look and tell me if you don't agree!


Esther said...

Oh my gosh! We used to have that Winnie the Pooh toy! I completely forgot about that. There are three rings that fit over the yellow, um, stump? The red buttons all sing a song or say something once each ring gets put on. I never looked at that toy from that angle, so I never caught the phalic symbol there. Although, I can be naive.

That is really funny! I'm going to post that picture on my blog.

Esther said...

On second thought, I could have been so tired when we received that gift for our newborn son, the whole phalic theme went over my head.

I do recall my husband joking about that toy quite a bit, and I never got the joke. Now I get it!!
Boy am I naive.