Friday, July 6, 2007

Unresolved issues.......

So, here I am, trying to blog about something I'm not even sure what I think about it.

Here's the very short story:

I have a friend. We've been friends for about 12 years. We're different in many ways, but similar in others. In high school, we NEVER would have been friends. She was popular - me, not so much.

Anyway, we've stayed friends even though she moved away about 8 years ago. She was in my wedding. I was in her wedding. The four of us have travelled together to various national parks and spent weekends at each other's houses.

She and her husband always said they didn't want kids, but she started backpedalling a little about a year ago. Sure enough, they got pregnant last year while we were all away on a long weekend together. I was happy for them - really, I was. I was a bit upset, however, that she didn't tell me until FEBRUARY, long after she'd told other friends (I know this because at her baby shower, all her other friends took turns telling us their reactions when she called them with the good news back in DECEMBER!!!).

Now, I just got an email that she had the baby (two weeks early). Again, I'm happy for her. Really, I am. But, even in the email, it said "I guess most of you have already heard, but .......". Nope. Not me. Hadn't heard a thing!

So, you may read all of that and think that I'm being too sensitive. Maybe she didn't tell me because she didn't want to make me feel bad (as if her pregnancy has anything to do with my failed ones!!!). Perhaps sleepy new parents really don't have time to call everyone with the good news.

I don't know -- am I being too sensitive?

Oh - a footnote to our history together that I should probably mention here -- she left me at the bottom of the Grand Canyon when I was too sick to hike out on our scheduled day. Seriously. The story is not any more complicated than that. No extenuating circumstances. I was took sick to hike with the other four, so they went on without me. I stayed down there by myself, met some really great people and THEY helped me hike out the following day.

But I'm not bitter.........



Nancy the Romancechick said...

Honestly, Perk, I'd ask her why she didn't tell me when she told the others. Maybe she didn't realize she hadn't included you. Maybe your name isn't on the "group mailing" list she thinks it is. I don't know. I'm reachin' here.

The Grand Canyon thing? Where was your husband? Why didn't he stay with you????

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Perky said...

Re: the Grand Canyon, that's a good question, Nancy. Actually, RockStar (also known at the time as "the future Mr. Perky") was back home holding down the fort, keeping the cat fed and workin' for a livin'!

It would have been great if he could've joined us on the trip, but he couldn't.

And, also, there was no "group mailing" -- she made actual phone calls to the other ladies.

pkzcass said...

Perk, sounds to me like she just doesn't think of you as being one of her closer friends these days. I agree with romancechick...I'd prolly ask her what the deal is. Give her an opportunity to explain. If she doesn't, or it's not to your satisfaction, then maybe it's time to move on? I just don't know. I hate these friendship things...