Wednesday, July 11, 2007

Could I BE more nitpicky?????

Of course, you must say the title of this blog out loud and use your best Chandler Bing voice while doing it!

So, I'm reading the headlines on my local news station's website this morning and see the following headline:

"Local Teen Stabbed, Samari Found Near Body"

It looked strange. It looked wrong. But, to my credit, before I jumped into a copyediting rage, I took the time to Google the word "samari". Who knows -- maybe a "samari" is a small furry creature with sharp teeth that is known to turn on careless owners while they sleep and sink their long pointy teeth into their hearts. I'm just saying........ So, after a fruitless Google attempt, I had no choice but to reach the conclusion that they really meant to say that a "Samurai" was found near the body. However, that's still not right! A "Samurai" is the person who wields a sword and not the sword itself!!!!

Being that it was early in the morning, I hadn't had my coffee yet, the temperature was already rising beyond my comfort level and because I was just feeling a little bitchy, I simply HAD to email the station and politely inform them about their little error. Um, yeah, I also slipped in a suggestion that perhaps they should hire a copy editor!!!

Oh, one final thing --- this is far from the first time I've emailed them about glaring errors on their site! They have a history of sloppy spell checking and grammar checking on their live broadcasts and their website.

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