Wednesday, July 11, 2007

Grrrrrr.... I hate people!!!

While driving to work today, I noticed that there were two kids in the back seat of the car in front of me and neither were wearing seatbelts. How could I be sure? Well, they were taking turns climbing over each other, sticking their heads out the windows and doing sommersaults. I'm pretty darn sure there were no seatbelts in use!!!

As mad as I was at seeing that, the next thing I noticed is what put me over the top ---- while the kids were busy being unrestrained projectiles, their mom was wearing HER seatbelt!!!!! WTF???? So, she understands the importance of seatbelts, but chooses not to give her kids their benefit? Was she secretly hoping for a serious accident that she would somehow walk away from unscathed and unburdened by her little ones????



tegdirb92 said...

You are officially tagged :) Click HERE
Thanks so much for playing along! I'm excited to see your answers.

Anjali said...

You know, my friends' kids took off their seatbelts all the time. She would always pull over every time she realized it had happened again, but sometimes she'd be driving for 15 minutes before she realized they took them off again!

Otherwise, there's no excuse!

Esther said...

yea, I hate that too!