Friday, May 4, 2007

Who knew?

So, HandsomeBoy and I were cuddled up in bed watching Iron Chef last night. When the secret ingredient is revealed with a florish to be tofu, HandsomeBoy breathlessly says to me, "Mommy! Tofu! I loooooooove tofu! Can we pleeeeaaase make it sometime? It's my favorite!"

We've had tofu. I cook with it occasionally. Never, however, has HB ever expressed a particular opinion of it, much less drooling on my covers as he watched Iron Chef Morimoto and the challenger construct various creative dishes from blocks of the stuff! Who knew?

Boy, kids can really be surprising!


Mommy Brain said...

The Iron Chef can make anything seem cool. My kids are on a kick where they want peas at every meal. Cold canned peas.

Domestic Goddess said...

Better you than me. I can't stand tofu. But Bug boy likes it. Go figure!
If Bugaboo starts eating it I know I should take his temp...

Nancy the Romancechick said...

It's amazing what they decide they like. Noah never made a big deal about peanut butter and jelly until Juliette's friend's FATHER made him one. Now he has to have them "cut like Mr. Tim did it."

BTW, you've been tagged. Check my blog to see how!