Thursday, April 24, 2008

Good news!

I got an email from the OT department at the children's hospital last night and CutiePie will begin his OT in two weeks! Yay! I'm not sure that we're going to notice a HUGE difference due to the therapy, but any little bit is a good thing!

In the meantime, he's had three good days in a row at school! They weren't perfect, but they were good enough to get him a sticker each day. When he gets five stickers, the whole class will get an extra playtime. So, his classmates are encouraging him to be good because they will benefit also. Keep your fingers crossed!


Trace said...

Go Cutie Pie go!

R said...

Woohoo!!! Will they do the OT at school?

Perky said...

No, the OT will be at the local branch of the big regional children's hospital. It's just down the street for us and it's the same place he sees most of his other doctors, so it's very convenient.

We're trying to get him tested at school to see if he's eligible for in-school therapies or an IEP, but that probably won't happen until the end of the school year, also.

BTW, the developmental optometrist is only a few blocks from you, R, so maybe we'll drop in sometime!