Thursday, January 24, 2008

Wow - I've got perky hair!!!!!

Okay, to start with, I've been working on this big post about my goals for 2008. Instead of waiting until I finished the post, I decided to start jumping right into achieving some of my goals. First up --- new hairstyle!!!

I've been wearing the same long, blunt cut back, blunt cut bangs for awhile now. It was, as Randy Jackson would say, "aw'ight". Meaning -- it was presentable, but not much better than that. Plus, I was really really REALLY overdue for at least a trim. Look and see if you don't agree......... .

Plus, just for added effect, you get to see me in my standard daily "uniform" -- mom jeans, a dark solid tneck, a fleece zip-up and Lands End slide in mocs. Yep, that's me -- what a fashion plate, huh???? I've been needing a change for awhile now, but never had the guts to actually do it. As part of my New Year New Me plan, I went to a new stylist today, explained it ALL to her and let her do her thing.
She listened to me and then told me exactly what she thought I needed and what she would do. I took the plunge and told her to go ahead. The first few minutes were the worst -- my hair was falling to the salon floor in long thick piles. I just kept talking and thinking about how much I WANT to change my hair, my life, my future, my thinking. I'm sure she was sick of me talking, but I really needed to do that to stay calm. She kept taking off more and more and more hair. Just when I thought she was finished, she'd find another section that needed to be addressed.
It was hard, I'll admit it, but........ I LOVE THE RESULTS!!!!! I LOVE MY HAIR!!!!! Can you believe it? I don't know if I've said those words in over a decade! It's far and away the best haircut I've EVER gotten! I'm so excited about it. What do you think????

Okay, those of you who are looking closely and paying attention will also notice that, just like all the before & after shots you see on latenight infomercials, I've also changed into cooler clothes and put on some makeup! Sorry the photo quality isn't better, but I did the best I could.
One more step closer to achieving all my 2008 goals!
Oh, you want to know what the rest of them are? Silly me. Well, you'll have to wait a few more days probably for the list. BUT, I promise to blog them because then they'll be real and I'll be accountable to them!


Anonymous said...

WOW!!! It looks GREAT! I LOVE it Abbe! You look even more amazing than usual!
Congrats on taking the plunge. :)

Cel said...

WOOHOO!!!!!! Yes, its ADORABLE! My first thought was, "it's perky"! :)


Domestic Goddess said...

AWESOME! I love it!

Tray said...


Mommy Brain said...

LOVE the new haircut!!

Rachel said...

LOVE it!!!

Heather said...

SO CUTE!!!! I love it!!!

LadyDoc said...

That looks FABULOUS!!!! LOVE it!!!


AbbysMomma said...

OMG! Abbe you look FABULOUS! I love that cut on you!!! Congrats on taking the plunge!

Anjali said...

Oh, you look fabulous! So nice to get a new 'do for a new year!

Laura said...

Wow!!! You look great!!!
What a great way to start the new Year!