Saturday, January 26, 2008

Iron Chef, anyone????

So, we're sitting there at the dinner table tonight. HandsomeBoy was eating my homemade chicken salad and he was telling me that he didn't like chicken salad the last time he had it, but he liked it tonight. I explained to him how different people have different recipes for it. As an example, I told him how when RockStar makes it, he purees it until it is very smooth, plus he uses hard-boiled eggs in it. I make mine slightly chunkier and use lots of finely diced veggies. I mentioned that other people make it very chunky and may put in grapes, raisins or walnuts.

HandsomeBoy thought about it and then said the following:

"You and Daddy should have a contest. Daddy makes chicken salad and you make chicken salad. I'll taste both and tell you whose is best."

That was cute. Then he added this:

"And the winner gets to sleep with me -- ALL NIGHT! Isn't that great?"

I just hope he doesn't try to run a contest like this in his high school home ec class!

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Serenity said...

Good for people to know.