Monday, August 13, 2007

Waiting for FedEx.........

So, we get home on Saturday afternoon to find a note on the door that FedEx had tried to drop a package, but couldn't because no one was home to sign for it. Hmmmm..... that's strange - I don't remember ordering anything lately. RockStar decides to try to track the package backwards using the door tag number (this is why I keep him around -- he thinks of things like this!) and we discover that the package weighs 65 pounds and was shipped from Rockford, MN. Nope, still not ringing any bells with me.

Then I get the bright idea to Google Rockford, MN --- it turns out the mailing addresses for many many many sweepstakes are based out Rockford, MN. Now, I'm getting really interested! RockStar asked me what contests I've entered lately (yes, he actually did it with a straight face, apparently expecting me to be able to list five or fewer). I looked at him in astonishment - I've entered HUNDREDS!!!! I can hardly even remember them all. The daily entries that I try to enter a few times a week I might remember, but the "one shot" entries??? Fugettaboutit!!!

We started trying to figure out what might weigh 65 pounds. I remember entering quite a few contests about a month ago that were giving away 42" Plasma HDTVs. RockStar said, "No way - they don't weigh that much!" I had no idea, but just to check I started comparison shopping 42" plasma tvs. Guess how much the average weight is???? C'mon.... guess!!!

YES!!!! 65 POUNDS!!!!!

Of course, I very well may have won a two year supply of cat food! There's absolutely no evidence that I actually won anything particularly good. Well..... other than the fact that it weighs 65 pounds. And FedEx couldn't leave it without a signature.

So, I'm working from home this morning, anxiously awaiting my new HDTV. Or pantry full of cat food. Whatever.

Wish me luck!

UPDATE: I called FedEx to see if they could give me a better estimate of the delivery time and the woman I spoke to this time informed me that FedEx Home Delivery (as opposed to FedEx Ground, FedEx Air, FedEx Frieght, etc....) doesn't deliver on Mondays!!! They're freaking CLOSED ON MONDAYS!!!!! The guy I spoke to FOUR FREAKING HOURS ago must have had his head up his you-know-what, which would explain why he has you-know-what for brains!!!!! WHAT A BUNCH OF IDIOTS!!!!! At least they told me that the driver screwed up and had checked the wrong box on the tag -- contrary to what the driver noted on the tag, I DO have to sign in person for the package! What kind of crappy international company is closed on Mondays????? Hello? American work ethic? Business day? People paying good money for your service and people (like me) LOSING good money to sit around and wait for you sorry excuses for a common carrier to deliver my important (I hope) package?????? GRRRRRRRRRRRRR...........

I suggest that no one (NO ONE!) get in Perky's way for the rest of the day today!

Also, if that box if full of a two-year supply of cat food or some other junky prize, Perky is going to be one pissed-off little winner!!!!

Perky doesn't like it when stupid people waste her time!

Okay, I'm heading back under my rock now.


Lucy T said...

OH MY! I do want to know what this is!


Trace said...

Oh, let us know what it is!!!

pkzcass said...

Fess up Perk. What the heck is it???

Anonymous said...

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