Wednesday, February 7, 2007

Works for Me Wednesday - Keys

Here's a really simple thing that has saved me untold grief over the years. In every place I've ever lived since I started college, I have affixed a cheap little sticky hook to the wall next to the main door and I hang my keys on it EVERY time I come in -- without fail! This way, I ALWAYS know where my keys are. I lose lots of things -- trust me, I do - but my keys aren't one!

I have found that I'm much more likely to use a storage idea or device if it makes sense and is easier than the alternative. Keeping my keys by the door works for me!

Now, between my husband and I and our various cars, truck, motorcycle, and spare keys, we actually have a row of pegs that hold all of our keys. When we have guests over, we ask them to hang their keys there also. That really helps in the late evening or early morning if one vehicle needs to be moved to let another one out of the driveway!

Works for me!


Larae said...

I just started doing this after my last move, definitely a huge time saver! Great tip. Happy Valentine's Day! =)

Cheri said...

We have a wrought iron rack with hooks that we hang by our main door evertime we move. The Boy hangs his backpack and jacket on it, I hang my purse, and we all hang our keys on it. Now, we all know where the important things are! (It also has two baskets for misc things gloves, sunglasses, the mailbox key etc)

Tish said...

Very good idea! I have a dry sink in the livingroom and I keep a basket on top. My keys, all our cell phones, mail ect all go on top to keep it ready for the next trip out.

Amy said...

Your title of your post made me laugh on Shannon's blog. I have done that too before. I want to offer a disclaimer or something like, "Um, I guess I misunderstood the assignment..."

Great tip and thanks for the chuckle!

M-j said...

I do that, too. Except they do not hang RIGHT next to the door, they hang in the stair well. That way I always know where they are!