Wednesday, February 28, 2007

Mommy's little piggy.....

We were already running late this morning, but I can't really blame the boys too much because I spent too much time tickling them in bed and didn't rush them into their clothes and downstairs for breakfast like I usually do. Then, CutiePie decided that he didn't want cereal, opting instead for oatmeal. The boys' current favorite version of oatmeal is peanut butter-brown sugar-cinnamon-strawberry oatmeal, which is, of course, something that does NOT come out of a packet and MUST be made only by Mommy. Who can say no to a kid who wants a healthy bowl of oatmeal for breakfast????

When we were finally almost ready to go (and already late for school at that point), the boys asked if they could take Big Red outside and wait for me there. Since I only had about a minute's more work to do (putting lunches in lunchbags, lid on coffee, put my coat on), I said "sure". Really - I should have known better!!!

Usually, when the boys go out to play in the morning, they make snowballs, break icicles off the shed, roll their trucks down the incline -- things that may get their hands a little dirty and their shoes a little wet, but nothing too bad. Not this morning!!!! Oh, no -- this morning, when we're already running late and I had promised myself that they'd be at school EARLY for a change, my little CutiePie decides to ROLL IN A MUD PUDDLE LIKE A PIGGY!!!!!!! Seriously! He did! When I came outside a minute behind them, he was on the ground in the mud rolling back and forth and laughing hysterically!!!!

15 minutes later ...... CutiePie was cleaned up, new clothes on, his muddy coat and clothes in the washing machine, and we were in the van ready to try to go to school again. Sigh.

If we hadn't been late, I might actually have found it funny. He really did look like he was having a good time!

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