Monday, February 5, 2007

I'm a lucky lady!

as of 3pm, there's an update at the bottom of this post!!!

Well, yeah ..... of course I am! I know that! I'm so very lucky in so many ways, but for the purposes of this post, I mean that I'm very lucky, as in, I'm having a streak of very good luck right now!

My latest little online addiction to do in my micromoments of spare time is entering contests and sweepstakes. I've got a list of them bookmarked on my computer and, while I'm waiting on hold or for a document to print, I'll go down my list and enter a contest or two. Some of the ones I enter are very small - for a DVD or song download -- and some are very big -- a new house in the Rocky Mountains AND $250,000 in cash -- but most are somewhere in between.

I started getting into it late last summer and since then, I've won various things of varying value, but I'm totally hooked! Some of the things I've won have been (the wins since last week are in bold):

* Movies
* Rodeo
* Family 4-pack tickets to a local amusement park
* Family 4-pack tickets to local aquarium
* Scooby Doo Show
* Season subscription to broadway series at nearby theatre
* Valentine's Day Concert at local symphony
* Family 4-pack to the Auto Show
* Tickets to see local childrens theatre performance

* DVDs
* CDs
* Song download
* Toiletry and makeup samples
* 96 lottery tickets

Gift Certificates
* Borders
* Restaurants
* Flower Nursery
* Ice cream

And my big prize:

* Grand Prize win - New Years Eve Weekend in NYC, including transportation and meals and tour of CBS studios on Game Day (but we took the cash option instead)

I try not to enter any contests in which I really don't want the prize being offered, so most of the stuff I've won, I've been very excited about! Even small little things can make you happy! The rodeo tickets are a great example -- I knew the rodeo was coming to town, but I wasn't interested in paying to take the family to see it. It was definitely NOT worth the money. I'm trying very hard to watch our budget right now and I couldn't justify that expense. However, I was THRILLED when I won the tickets -- "free" was just about the right price!!! LOL! We all had a great time and the boys still talk about it months later! CutiePie recently came across a rodeo on TV and was so excited!

So, get out there and enter something today! Maybe you can win, too!!!

UPDATE: Seriously, I'm not making this up! I just looked out on my front porch and noticed a box that had not been there earlier this morning. When I opened it, I discovered that I'd won a contest sponsored by a local radio station and I'd won tickets to the Dancing With the Stars Tour, a $50 restaurant gift certificate, a fleece pullover and a hat!!! Wow! This is my best week ever!!!


Trace said...

How do you go about registering for the contests?

Tish said...

Wow! You go Abby!!!! Very cool wins!!!!

Cel said...

Wow, Abbe! Awesome! I never knew this about you :). And, of course, with your background of LEGAL knowledge, I'm SURE you claim all this stuff,...right..???? LOL!

M-j said...

Very cool!