Wednesday, September 12, 2007

Record to beat -- five days!

CutiePie's first five days of Kindergarten/Extended Care at the Elementary School were great! Everyone told me how cute he is, how smart he is, how funny he is.... Each day, he ran to me, excited to shout the good news that he'd had a good day! I knew it wouldn't last. Knew it couldn't last! It didn't.

Yesterday, CutiePie came home from school with a letter from the Extended Care Class addressed to "Parents of CutiePie". I knew it wouldn't be good.

It actually wasn't as bad as I'd feared, but still..... on his SIXTH day, he was in time out for a). not listening, b). using inappropriate language and c). looking under the bathroom stall at another student. (BTW, that was NOT a multiple choice quiz -- he did all THREE of those in ONE afternoon!)


Why do I have to be the mother of the class clown? Class Clowns are born, not made. I may not have given birth to CutiePie, but he's mine now and he was definitely born to be the class clown! I'm starting to realize that I'm going to be on very close relations with ALL the teachers in his schools for the rest of his academic career!

Who knows, though -- maybe we could channel this energy into something good? Perhaps he'll grow up and be the Nittany Lion mascot at Penn State or maybe a rich and famous comedian like Jack Black or John Belushi (but without the drugs and early death, please!) or maybe he'll be a teacher that inspires difficult children. I'm not sure what he'll end up doing, but I am sure that it will involve making people laugh.

I just hope I survive the next 12 years in order to appreciate his humor when it takes a more productive path in the future!


Anjali said...

Hey, everybody has an off-day. Sounds like he's doing wonderfully!

jeneflower said...

We need more comedy in this life. Sounds like he is destined for greatness.

Mommahbear. said...

They sent you a letter for those three 'offences'?? I'd march right back to them and tell them that they should do the job they'd been hired to do. Speak to your boy (who is acting age-appropriately) and then have a nice little conversation with you when you get there, at which time you can respond. Letters and bureacracy for five year olds? Wow.

I think he sounds beautifully amusing!

Mommy Brain said...

He really is a Cutie Pie!