Thursday, May 14, 2009

Update of sorts

Yeah, I suck. Totally. I abandoned you completely while I went off and lived my little life. Took care of my business and all but forgot about you, my pretty little blog.

Get over it.

I've always said that this blog is mainly just a place for me to speak my mind and write things down that I don't want to forget. BUT, I'd like to see it become something better than that. What does that mean? I have no idea.

So, what's kept me away from here and what have I been doing and thinking and dreaming while I haven't been here? Fasten your seatbelts, this may be a fast ride......

* Working. Still can't get my hours up past 35 hours a week, but I'm going to try harder to do so. The money would be great.
* The money would be great because I've totally committed to getting us out of debt. We're not in danger of bankruptcy or losing our house, but we are definitely carrying too much debt in the form of credit cards. In the first third of this year, I've paid off 3 credit cards and a Home Depot loan. The plan for the rest of this year is to pay off another credit card, my student loan and the van. In 2010, the final credit card falls. Yay!
* Refinancing our mortgage -- yes, again with the money stuff. 15 years at 4.5% will save us a FORTUNE in the long run!
* The boys are doing great overall. Big progress in schoolwork for both of them this year. They are both in reading intervention and it seems to be working. I expect both of them will still go to summer school this summer, but at least they're improving all the time!
* Adderall -- CutiePie is soooooooooo much better now that he takes it. If you're not in favor of it, then don't give it to your kids, but I can see that it's helped him so much!
* Facial Tic -- a bit before Spring Break, we noticed that HandsomeBoy was showing signs of a facial tic. Specifically, he's squinting, rolling his eyes and looking to the side quickly. Then repeats it. And repeats it. We've seen the neurologist and it's not a big deal and will most likely go away. Still. This we needed?
* Of course, in light of what some of my other friends are going through, a little ADHD and facial tics really don't seem so bad right now.
* We are a site host for a local CSA and the deliveries started last week. I'm so happy to have a fridge full of delicious organic produce and I've already upped my cooking quotient considerably because of it!
* Loving the warm weather! Spring seemed like it would never arrive and then it was suddenly here! Although the 90 degree weather in April was a bit odd. I'll take it, but odd all the same!
* We lost BigRed (aka The Best Dog in the World) back in September to bladder cancer. I'm still heartbroken and occasionally burst into tears when looking at his photos, but I think I'm ready to contact the rescue and submit our application for our next Golden. No one can take his place, but I have enough room in my heart for another great dog, too!
* Since my last post, a few more of my friends have lost their parents. The deaths weren't sudden or unexpected, but it's still been very sad. I see my friends more often now at parent's funerals than at happy hours. Getting older sucks.
* We adopted a new kitten in November who turned out to be very sweet but also a "Dr. Destructo". In March, friends found a young stray cat that they couldn't keep and we (read: I) offered to keep it while we found its family. I honestly thought we'd find the family in a few days. No such luck. Then, on top of that, the new cat broke it's hip in early April so now we can't even GIVE it away! So, we're currently a 3-cat house looking to expand to a 3-cat and 1-dog house. Yes, I'm crazy, why do you ask?
* Summer plans? Virginia (beach and camping) and Niagara Falls are the planned trips. Lots of other fun little things also. Never a dull moment around here, y'know!

Okay, that's the really quick summary of my life. You'l notice I left out all the really boring stuff involving the constant chores of life (cleaning, cooking, organizing, etc.....) I figure you probably have enough of that in your own life and you really don't need to hear about that stuff in my life. Right? Right.

So, if there's anyone out there actually reading this, are you going to place bets on how long it'll be before I post again???? LOL!


2Forgetful said...

Such a nice surprise to see you in my blog reader. I did a complete double take.

Some random responses:
-That's a lot of cats!
-Glad CutiePie is doing well.
-So cool about the CSA. I wanted to do one but we just don't eat enough veggies. And by I, I mean, my DH doesn't like to eat veggies. And there's only so much I can eat in a week...
-your summer sounds GREAT!

Anonymous said...

We refinanced too (closing is next week). Glad everything is going so well!!