Saturday, May 3, 2008

What a week!

I'm exhausted!

Last weekend, in addition to all the usual activities, we squeezed in a trip to the circus. My parents were supposed to go with us, but they cancelled at the very last moment, leaving us with two tickets. I got the call as I was picking up the boys at Sunday School, so I turned to a friend there and offered to take her daughters with us and give her a break (in addition to the 6 and 7 year old daughters, she has a 10-month old daughter and a 12 year old boy). The kids were thrilled and we became a family of 6 for a few hours! Luckily, all four of the kids were on perfect behavior the entire time! I wish I could say as much for the adults at the show! I was shocked and appalled at the number of people who were pushing, shoving, cutting in line, taking "shortcuts" through areas that were closed to the public, people were cursing and leaving trash all around them. Moments like that really make me hate people. I don't want to a misanthrope, but it's pretty hard not to. Especially when you remember that every one of those adults had at least one child with them. Nice messages to send the kids, huh????? Ugh!!

We really got into our new routine of therapies, vitamins and allergy meds, extra homework, and other enrichment activities this week. I hope we can keep up the pace for another six weeks until the end of school! I was exhausted every night! But, CutiePie is sleeping better, reading better, writing better and acting better. Can't argue with results, can you??

I also started attending a class at the boys' school called Love and Logic Parenting. I enjoyed the first class. We already do a lot of what they recommend, but it was a good reminder that there are many ways to handle each situation and it's nice to have some help knowing what is the best response to each situation. I left there feeling like I DO know how to be a good mom; I just need to make sure that I'm always making the correct choice with my response. I have to admit, sometimes out of sheer exhaustion or frustration or what I perceive to be a lack of time, I will take the shortcut and yell. Since the class, I've had a few opportunities to use the Love and Logic program and I think I handled each situation very well.

For example, we fought traffic to drive to swimming lessons on Thursday. We got there just in time and I sent the boys into the locker room to change. TEN MINUTES later, they came out. Handsome Boy was wearing his shorts from school, but no shirt or shoes. CutiePie hadn't changed at all -- he was still in jeans, t-shirt and sneakers! HandsomeBoy said he wanted to swim in the shorts because they were "like a bathing suit". CutiePie said he was suddenly afraid of swimming lessons and thought that the instructor was going to make him jump into the deep end and then would let him drown. Why do they have to do these things at the same time??????? Okay, I'll tackle HB first -- WHEN you put your bathing suit on, THEN you'll be ready to swim. Done. Move on. I tried to tell CutiePie that no one was going to let him drown and that his instructor only teaches him things he's ready to do. He was not convinced and then pointed out to me that I sit up in the bleachers reading a book while he swims so I wouldn't even noticed that the teacher "drownded" him. . Eventually, we ended up doing 30 minutes of homework and writing practice. Don't you know, he was great! He did the best work he's ever done! I guess I need to tell his teacher to install a big pit of water in the classroom and threaten to throw him into it whenever he stops paying attention! He'll be the top of his class in no time!

Okay, on to the weekend now. I've got to get dressed and get on with the day. An old high school friend is having a housewarming party tonight and one of our other old friends is spending the night here since she lives in DC. That means a major room rescue on the guest room! Not to mention a whole house tidyup!!! Better get started!


Mommy Brain said...

Nice job of keeping calm at the pool. Let me know if you decide to give lessons. :-) Hope the room rescues, etc went well.

Becoming Me said...

Great recap. It was fun to read.

MMrussianadoption said...

I need your email in order to include you.

Thanks for sharing

Amy in Ohio said...

Hello Perky! This is Amy In Ohio - you won the gas card giveaway at my blog!

Can you e-mail me so I can send it to you?