Thursday, November 1, 2007


Yeah, so I've been very lax about my blog lately. So sue me!!!

Actually, I really miss posting here and have had sooooooo many posts cluttering up my head. That's why NaBloPoMo couldn't come at a better time!

This is going to be a very short post today, but hold onto your hats -- there's a very good chance you may be very sick of my posts soon if I actually start to spit out the various posts I've been mulling over!


Anonymous said...

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Mommy Brain said...

Do you actually know this adam person?

Looking forward to reading your posts. I'm going to try to do better than 1 post per week this month but am not ambitious enough to join in the NaBloPoMo fun.

Trace said...

Ok, Perky, you have been very neglecting your blog. I will of course being doing it also, but I don't want to link my blog. I always post daily anyway.

Rachel said...

Welcome to NaBloPoMo! I'm curious too - is "Adam" a legitmate commenter or is this spam?